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How To Write An Argumentative Essay: A Quick Guide

An argumentative essay is about writing your take on a controversial topic and supporting it with evidence. It’s aimed at persuading the audience to adopt your point of view or at least take it into consideration. Here is a list of steps which will help you succeed.

  1. Preparation.
    • Define the problem you’ll write about. It can’t be a general topic. Search within the topic for debatable points and write about one of them.
    • Do research for both sides of the problem. Even if you clearly know which side you stand on, finding out about the other one will make your writing more balanced and also deeper.
  2. Building the body of your essay.
    • Start your first paragraph with a review of the problem in general. You need to introduce it to the audience. Emphasize its importance and list the reasons for it.
    • State your thesis in the first paragraph. It should be brief but explicit. The main part of your writing will be dedicated to its deep explanation and proof. You can also talk about the point of view opposite to yours and then dispute it. It’s a more expressive way of proving your point.
    • Every subsequent paragraph in the main part should be dedicated to one piece of evidence from your side. Three paragraphs are usually enough for this part.
    • Make a summary of everything you’ve stated before in the last paragraph. Don’t add anything new and don’t repeat your own wording.
  3. Making your work better.
    • Use quotes to support your point. Check them for bias, as you need to stick to the facts.
    • Don’t use only textual evidence if possible. Search for other types, like visual information. It can be more impressive on your reader.
    • Know the counterarguments so that you are prepared to defend yours when debating with your teacher or fellow students.
    • After you’re done with the main body of your work, come back to the opening paragraph and rewrite it using the main body of your essay to create a better impression on the audience.
    • Leave it for a couple of days and then reread it. Try to figure out how your intended audience may react. Also ask someone for their opinion. Are they convinced? Does it impact them emotionally or factually?
    • Check your essay for clear and logical connection between the paragraphs. They should be intertwined to make one solid and eloquent argument.
    • Don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar. Your mistakes will make a bad impression on your audience even if your argumentation is great and spot on.
    • Hand it to your teacher and get to other tasks!