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Top 10 Controversial Essay Topics To Write About

We all, at least most of us, have an inner urge to court controversies in our lives. We show a rebellious streak in one or the other attribute of ours; even if we behave perfectly decently otherwise.

The inner urge

This is precisely the reason why you tend to have a special affinity towards controversial essays. Herein, you are allowed to freely converse about things you have never done but always dreamt of. What if you could see porn movies without the constant threat of being discovered by parents!

The different avenues

Controversies find themselves in every facet; be it lust or religion, corporate enterprises or women’s lib movement. All fingers are not of the same size and difference of opinion is what runs the world. It runs the credence of essays as well.

Keeping a clean slate

Now, while taking on controversial essays, you should keep a clean slate and start from scratch. You should not be directed by your prejudices, or you will soon be derailed. You should make fair assessments about the controversy aspect.

Stench or flow

You need to analyze whether the controversy reeks from long-held traditions that have begun to stagnate or whether they actually have merit. Now, the topic of teen pregnancy is actually quite crucial and needs to be handled sensitively in the essay.

Scheme it well

Your essay should be factual. Of course, since the topic is debatable, there should be an accumulation of reasonable perspectives; yours as well as that of a few learned fellows. You need to carve out a well-schemed piece.

Be assertive

You should try to dilute the controversy element by being assertive and redoubtable about your points. You cannot afford to leave scope for conflicts. Readers should feel that thick line of authority while reading your piece.

Here are 10 controversial essay topics for your purview –

  1. Is rape a less heinous crime than murder?
  2. Should women hold the right to abort their babies even after 20 weeks of their pregnancy?
  3. Should authorities have the right to brutally censor movies and books; as this is a travesty to the right to expression?
  4. Should junk food be banned?
  5. Should homework be banned?
  6. Should societies hold different views on lecherous men and adulterous women?
  7. Should stem cell research be forgiven its lack of ethics?
  8. Should kith and kin of sentenced criminals be made to bear the trauma by society?
  9. Should the objectification of women in fashion show be diluted or regulated?
  10. Your take on the Nuclear Ban Treaty