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Possible threats of enhancing essays available online

If you are planning to prepare your essay to be marked for credits in your respective course works, then must note that referring to the essays available online for free could possibly deprive you from gaining sufficient grades on your assignments. Although online free sample essays are available in abundance and you just need to make a click to access them, but the information provided in these essays may or may not be credible for your course requirements and may even lead you to the stage of disqualification if you repeatedly ignore the threats that can affect your academic performance as you make an attempt to use the essays available online to enhance them and reproduce them as a fresh piece of work. The threats may seem minimal initially but you would soon realize the risk you are taking up when you scan the content provided in the essays available online. So before making any such move you must ensure that the content that is available online and that you are referring to is suitable to be enhanced for academic pursuits.

The main things that you need to check for while downloading such contents are:

  1. The credentials of the author who has supplied the content for the essay.
  2. The expertise of the author who has framed the content in terms of his experience and educational background.
  3. His past history of delivering content for essays.
  4. His links to the industry which he is trying to reflect in his essay.
  5. Any chances that the work provided by the author is plagiarized.
  6. Credibility of the content presented by the author.
  7. Checking up the content on the latest developments and current issues discussed and updated through the author in his essay.
  8. To find if the references listed in the essay are credible sources of information or they have been blatantly extracted from the Wikipedia.
  9. Check for any misleading facts, relevance to the topic or errors in the essay content.

Once you are convinced about the work by inspecting all these concerns, you could then choose the essay for enhancing it further without running the risk of facing the above mentioned threats which may mar your progress and achievements in the course of your academic pursuits. Another important aspect to be noted is the plagiarism issues that develop while you try to enhance an essay sample according to your needs and requirements, therefore proper care must be taken to format and present the content with a fresh approach.