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Persuasive essay topics for high school students: writing on world politics

Persuasive essays are designed to get the student to make a stand on a subject and then defend the stand that they make. The student will have to do extensive research on the topic in order to make a stand either to support it or go against it. Once they have determined which side they plan to take, they should develop at least three reasons why they choose that side.

A persuasive essay is written a little different than other essays because it will contain an extra paragraph than the normal five paragraph format. The first paragraph will contain the introduction and include any background information and thesis statement. The second, third, and fourth paragraph will each include the supporting facts. The fifth paragraph however should express the opposing view and the reasoning behind why this view may be invalid. The last paragraph will be the conclusion.

The reason why you would want to add an additional paragraph stating the other side’s view is to be able to show direct reasoning and factual evidence to dispute the view. This paragraph can ideally be placed anywhere in the body paragraphs but should be included.

Some great world politics topics that you can use for your persuasive essay are listed below:

  • Whether globalization is a positive or negative force in our economy
  • Allowing children in poor countries to die of diseases that are easily curable
  • Buying locally grown food and produce
  • Immigration from other countries
  • Effectiveness of war
  • Population growth
  • Risk of bio-terrorism

These ideas should help get the ball rolling. You can also find great topics right in the literature that your teacher asks you to read. This can be from your text book or from other sources like handouts or articles that you are asked to read.

Make sure that whatever topic that you choose is exciting to you. When you pick a topic that you have a stake in, you will find that it is easy to write. Do not choose a topic that you sit the fence on. It may be hard for you to find the fight to plead your case.

The more controversial an issue, the easier it will be to find evidence that supports both sides. Controversial issues are great for persuasive essays because they have solid evidence for and against the issue.