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11 Topic Ideas For An Opinion Essay On US Foreign Policy

Opinion essays have basically the same format as all other essay in that they have an introduction, body and conclusion. You decide on a topic and then you give you opinion on the topic as your thesis statement. After that you would give at least three supporting points for your opinion and one paragraph that gives an opposing view. Here are some topic ideas for an opinion essay on US foreign policy:

  1. Weapons of Mass Destruction- Do they exist?
  2. Religion played a major role in 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US.
  3. American attitude toward the Middle East- Are we fostering the hatred?
  4. Are we helping Iraq after the Invasion?
  5. American foreign policy on oil- Are we too dependent?
  6. US foreign policy and Vietnam- Did we ever belong there?
  7. Foreign policy and the Cold War- Is the Cold War effective?
  8. Should be give aid to people who support other types of government?
  9. Foreign policy in Syria- Can we really help the Syrians?
  10. Foreign policy in Russia- Is it better after the collapse?
  11. Have women had any effect of foreign policy?

Now that you have some topic ideas, you can begin to form your opinion and complete your essay. In order to form an opinion, you need to be informed so you must do research on whatever topic you choose. As you do the research, you will start to form an opinion on the topic. Once you have formed an opinion, you need to find three supporting points to justify why you feel the way you do. Also, you will need one opposing point of view and some points on why you don’t believe in that point of view.

Once you have all of that information, you are ready to create your outline. You need to state your opinion on the topic as your thesis statement in the first line. Then the next three lines will be the supporting points for your thesis. Each one must have some detail that explains the supporting points as well. After those three lines, you need to have one line with an opposing view and then the evidence why you think this view doesn’t make sense or isn’t realistic. The last line is for your conclusion where you need to restate your opinion and summarize your points of view. With your outline complete, you can create your rough draft, check for any errors and then create your completed, final draft.