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Free Psychology Response Essay Topics: 20 Unique Examples

There will be papers in this social science class. You will want you subject to be unique, innovative, and informative. With a response style paper, you must present a topic and then you must provide your answer with support facts to prove your point. Use our tips and suggestions for ideas. Knowing how to answer this style of question will help you with your AP or similar type tests.

20 Unique Examples for Free Psychology Response Essay Topics

  1. How much space is required in personal space, why is this so, is the amount the same for everyone

  2. What limits of main are controlled by the mind and not the body, is this amount for different people and if so, why is that

  3. How important is acceptance to young children, what are examples of acceptance or lack of acceptance in young children

  4. What crosses the line in experiments with human subjects, what are some famous experiments from the past which would never be allowed to be conducted today

  5. Could the Stanford Prison experiment be conducted today

  6. What effects do extreme isolation have on people

  7. Does a person who has been bullied automatically become a bully

  8. Does the order of birth have anything to do with ambition, success, and personality

  9. What is confirmation bias and what are three examples of it

  10. What possible relationship could there be between hyperactivity and food dyes

  11. What is an example of the alarm stage in a general adaption syndrome and why criteria is needed to meet that example

  12. What do these terms have to do with each other, and what is an example: bias and double-blind research, superstition and operant conditioning, and recall and serial-position effect

  13. Explain conformity and give examples of it

  14. Explain what reinforcement is and give an example of it

  15. What is procedural memory and what role does it play in human behavior

  16. Define and explain the following concept-Skinner’s operant conditioning

  17. Define and explain the following concept-Baumrind’s research on parents and their styles of parenting

  18. Explain and give examples of a correlational study and a case study

  19. What is approach-avoidance conflict and give two examples of when it might occur

  20. What is the concept rationalization and give three examples of when it might be used