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Choosing Thought-Provoking Essay Topics Related To Ethics

Whenever we talk about morality, the first thing comes to people’s mind is sexual activity. Though the concept of morality is very much closed to the sexuality but it does not mean that they are the same. There is huge difference between the two. Many groups and individuals take the concept of morality in much broader sense and definitions. There are some specific criteria on the basis of which moral and immoral activities are determined.

Sources of morality and ethics

The theologians who interpret the books like the Christian Bible, Jewish Torah and Islamic Qur’an, often derive moral codes. The conclusions of these theologians are accepted by the believers as absolute truth. The book published by them unfortunately contains some ambiguities and contradiction and it should be harmonized.

A person’s interpretation is not supported by the believers because his interpretation is highly influenced by his culture. Theologians of a particular religion and the theologians from different religion produce variety of theological beliefs and moral codes. To know more get assistance from this company.

Some important essay topics on morality

  • Introduce morality in brief: check on the diverse aspects of morality in relation to morality in the biblical form
  • How does the diversity in world views in different ethnicities of the world result in international conflict
  • Is there anything called absolute truth? Can you prove that truth can be both relative and absolute?
  • What are your views on the co-relation between religion and truth: is religion the only way to the truth?
  • What is the influence of religion on great human problems like women abuse, sex orientation and slavery?
  • How can you convince the animal kingdom that we have been ethical in our treatment toward them
  • What are some specific ethical issues that humanity faces on this date
  • Reflect on how every moral law should be converted into a legal law as well: is there any merit in the statement?
  • Look into the problem of human migration from an ethical viewpoint: inspect what should be done and what should be avoided
  • Take into consideration some definitive law that should be implemented on ethical governance of the global citizen
  • There are seven billion humans today: can there be one ethical code of conduct for all of them?
  • Is it true that the lower income groups are made to suffer because they are low on their ethical parameters.