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Simple Suggestions On How To Find A Literary Analysis Essay Example

Here are some simple suggestions to help you in confidently completing your essay/dissertation homework this term. With a little research, preparation and hard work.

Brief overview

In analysing literature for homework this term, you will need to identify the themes and comment on plot, the characters and their motivations, as well as the setting. You might want to talk about the author too. You will need to research into your novel that you are writing about and get to know them in depth. Try to find something you like, rather than dislike. An analysis needs to be a fresh take on an old classic, and you will want to keep your audience interested.


Of course, this could mean without a clear focus on what you will be focusing on you could often repeat your ideas and make little sense. This is where writing your thesis will help you. Take time on this part of your essay/dissertation as it will explain the main thrust of your work. Be clear on what your paper is to be about.

Finding examples

Finding an example of the work you are expected to produce is not as simple as typing the term into a search engine. There are people working freelance, with their own websites set and designed to undermine your abilities. These freelance writers may not always be the best qualified to help you either. It cannot always be easy, without detective work, to find these, but use your common sense!

What to watch out for

These examples may have grammar and spelling mistakes. Straightening these out will only be extra work for you, costing you time.

They may be plagiarised. This could find you in threats of legal action or fail.

They have also been very poorly written.

Don’t download any attachments, as these may contain bugs.

These are not examples you will want to help you!


Look for academic sites and check your college site to see what, if any, sites they recommend. Your tutor should also be able to help you if you are stuck.

Templates are useful for guiding you in the structure of your essay and can easily be found in textbooks, if not the Internet, which you can photocopy and order your information into. Textbooks will have examples too; don’t be afraid to ask one of the librarians to help you.

These suggestions will help you in finding examples and make that work a little easier.