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I can't write essays: where can I find help

If you can’t write essays there are many places where you can find help:

  1. Your school likely has a writing center. Writing centers are full of students and professionals all of whom are there to help you improve your skills.
  2. You can turn to writing guides. There are many professionally published writing and style guides out there which can help you bring your writing skills up to par and are really quite a quick read.
  3. You can join a writing group. The more you are forced to practice the better you will be. So by forcing yourself to join a writing club or get involved in a lot of writing based activities you will get increased exposure to different styles of writing and force yourself to practice and then practice some more.
  4. You can work with a tutor. You can work with a tutor who specializes in writing.

You can also review these tips below:

  • Style – Keep it all formal. Don’t make it informal and do not be chatty. If you are a lawyer than you would know the right type of tone that you want to have for your paper.
  • Creativity – You do not have to have an agreement with the other person’s point of view about the book. If you have original ideas or different ideas, then you should develop them and try to use your evidence in the correct way. If you are able to do this then people will have respect for your POV. The literature will need to touch you personally and will have a different effect on everything. Try to be creative.
  • Evidence – If you are going to make a point then you have to have some way to prove it. This is like a court having to see evidence before buying into something. You have to do the same thing when you are going to make comments about the things in the book. If you make a point you should refer to the text and give an example of what you are saying.
  • Quotes – Lay these out in the right way and you will be golden. Introduce the quote with a colon and remember to use quotation marks. Remember that you need to lay this out because if you do not it shows that you are not professional. Keep these short if you can.