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What are the proper research essay structure elements?

Now a research paper or a research essay does have a definite structure. It also has definitive characteristics. You can identify a research essay very easily particularly if it's been well written. The basic steps in writing a successful research essay are as follows:

  • Choice of topic.
  • The correct amount and type of research.
  • A solid outline or plan.
  • A correct format with the citation of references.
  • The ability to revise well and appropriately.

The structure of a research essay follows the standard procedure of so many essays in that it has an introduction, body paragraphs and ends with a conclusion. Only by adopting each of the above steps can the structure be allowed to frame or support a well-researched and well-written essay. Beginning the structure right is only part of the equation. The fundamentals must be included and these are as follows:

  • Is the topic specific?
  • Does the essay contain research material which can be proved?
  • Is the thesis statement realistic?
  • Does the structure allow you to meet the requirements of the research essay?

If you have a vague topic for your research essay you will find that your writing is vague. No matter how strong and correct the structure might be, only by having a specific topic can you write in a specific manner.

Whatever backup or supporting evidence you provide in your research essay, you must be able to prove this data. Opinions are not satisfactory. Any statement you make needs to have evidence to support such statements. In fact the mark you receive will depend largely on how well you refer to your research.

The basis of your research essay structure will depend upon your thesis statement. This needs to be specific, as short as possible and act as the trigger for the points made throughout your essay. Take your time in creating your thesis statement. All the research material you find will be sorted according to your thesis statement. You need to find the evidence to ‘fit the crime’.

Finally you must be able to meet the requirements of the essay which include such things as the amount of words, the way in which references are cited and the date by which the material has to be completed and handed in. The correct format is essential and all instructions from your teacher or professor must be followed to the letter.