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How to write an outstanding essay in English

Essay writing is an important requirement for students taking courses in English. A number of elements are essential in producing a good essay in this language. When you lack understanding of details such as proper grammar, literature in question, or how to organize supporting information, your essay may be difficult to read or lack in quality. There are basic steps you can take to help you write a good essay that is simple to follow and easy to remember for future essay writing assignments.

  • Find a good essay to mimic. Study different essays and find one or two you really like. This can be the model you need to help you write a good essay. The structure, organization and topic should match expectations your instructor is seeking from you.
  • Know your topic well and take good notes. Whether you are writing about literature or an author, you need to know your subject well in order to produce an outstanding essay. You can take notes on important information you want to mention in your essay. Use notecards to help you organize data collected.
  • Choose a topic or angle that will help you write well. You should have a good idea of what topic to write about for your paper. A good English essay will have a topic that stands out that is intriguing with good details. Your selection should encourage you to write a good paper based on the perspective you want readers to know.
  • Use an outline. An outline breaks up the assignment into smaller sections. You can make an outline based on how long your essay is required to be in length. This means each section such as the introduction and conclusion is written down with discussion points to mention within each area. You will use this to help organize notes or data collected and to assist in writing your paper.
  • Write rough draft. Use your outline to help you write your draft. Most of your ideas will be in place. It is a matter of providing sufficient data to back your thesis statement and making ideas and concepts solid. You will write sentences and paragraphs you will go back and revise later.
  • Revise content. Read what you have come up with. Clarify content and make sure ideas come across clearly and with logic.
  • Edit and proofread. Check for typos, misspelled or misused words and grammar.