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10 boring topics for a descriptive essay that must be avoided

No matter how good you are at writing, and how good you are at spinning, there sometimes are the essay topics that you need to avoid at all costs, because no matter how much you dress the topic up, its still going to be boring. You will probably struggle bouncing from one topic to another and get very frustrated. It will not matter how much effort you have put into the descriptive essay it will probably be put to the bottom of the pile to be marked.

These are the topics you need to avoid!

  1. The way I learned the value of hard work. Is this going to be a hard luck story? If you do choose a topic like this then time (around ten minutes) spent on brainstorming a plan for this would be time well spent. The chances are you will not come up with a plan that that will be realistic.
  2. Talk about a problem that you have experienced in your life. Again this may be a hard one to pull off. This may be better left for a therapy session.
  3. Describe your perfect day. Potentially this sounds like it has some potential, but it can end up sounding very
  4. Write about a jar of jam. Seriously? I would not advocate giving this topic to an elementary class. Admitted, you could go wild with some descriptive writing but if you have a word count to meet this may end up being very contrived.
  5. What do you see as your future? Again this is a 'me' essay, which is sometimes not the easiest essay to write, and also its not always the easiest essay to read. It is difficult with a topic like this to get the pitch right, you may end up sounding overconfident or you end up sounding like you have no confidence and no ambition.
  6. Why I am so lucky. This is so general that it will be hard to get the right pitch fro the essay. But there are writers out there that may be able to spin this into an engaging essay.
  7. Washing dishes. It would take a very skilled writer to spin this into an interesting article, but it can be done.
  8. Essays about sports. You have to be a sports person to write these.
  9. What can you contribute to the school? Hmm, difficult you may appear to be critical of the school or too complacent.
  10. Why is it bad to smile too much? Really?

Remember that sometimes its not the topic, it how the writer handles the topic! Best advice - focus on your main point, give examples and include details.