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How to Write Essay Papers to Impress the Professors

Most students want to obtain the best grades and impress their professors. Though it is not easy to prepare an outstanding essay, a few simple things can significantly improve every paper.

Use Good Grammar

Students often make the following mistake: they spend hours developing an essay structure and picking supportive facts, but pay no attention to basic grammar rules. When you use complicated sentences and many punctuation marks, you do not impress the professor. Instead, you confuse the reader. It’s also easy to make punctuation errors. For instance, independent clauses require a semi-colon, but homogeneous parts of the sentence normally do not. It is a bad idea to put semicolons instead of a period.

A paper with mistakes looks careless. Numerous misprints create the wrong impression that the assignment deserves a low grade. Double check words like “hole” or “whole”, “to” or “too”, “there” or “their”, etc. Language is full of expressions that can be misused, and spelling mistakes are often found in essays. Read the text aloud; it is always helpful when you proofread.

Take Advantage of a Dictionary

Many students avoid using dictionaries outside the classroom. However, word choice is very important when you explain a personal point of view. Simple words are a good choice, but a lack of a strong vocabulary is noticeable. The supervisor will be impressed if you use clear descriptions and demonstrate your versatile vocabulary. This helps keep the reader’s attention, breaks up a traditional paper, and demonstrates how much work is put into the essay. Avoid complicated words if you do not fully understand their meanings, as this is the easiest way to misuse them and irritate the professor.

Be Creative

Repetitive essays are boring to the reader. Professors examine tens of papers every week, and they appreciate when students think outside the box. Therefore, if you understand that the chosen subject is well-developed and you cannot bring something new to the text, it is better to think again and come up with another essay topic. Do not hesitate to study a new subject area. You do not have to demonstrate a scientific breakthrough, but rather show your stance on the subject and point out its special characteristics. That is why it is necessary to narrow down the topic. Otherwise, you can end up simply writing about common knowledge.

A good trick is to write a positive yet witty essay paper. It does not mean that you have to compose a funny story, but write something that is likely to make the reader smile.