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Developing writing skills - using essay examples at your convenience

Every student will be required to write essays. The sooner they develop writing skills the better. And one of the best parts of this aspect of learning is that once you acquire the writing skills you can use them post-education. They will come in mighty handy when it comes to creating essays during your school and college years but they will also be invaluable in whatever form of employment you take after school.

So what are these writing skills and how can you use essay examples to understand and exploit them?

  • Brevity is the soul of wit.
  • Lack of repetition is definitely a skill.
  • Writing sentences which flow one to another is more than helpful.
  • Vocabulary is akin to knowledge is akin to power.
  • Focus and sticking to the subject is more than a skill.

If ever you learn only one writing skill in your academic life, learn how to write simply. Brevity is indeed the soul of wit. Less is more. So many students make the mistake of overwriting. They provide too much information or they provide that information in a roundabout way. Learn how to write sparsely.

So many students make the mistake of making the point more than once. Repetition is a basic flaw in all forms of essay writing. If you look at essay examples which have scored highly you will never find the same point made over and over again. Avoid repetition.

The whole point of the essay is that it is made up of a number of sentences in a number of paragraphs. But they are all related. They all flow one from the other. Well at least that's the theory. So in looking at essay examples, note how each sentence continues on the thought process and flows one from the other.

The main commodity or product in any form of writing is vocabulary. The better or stronger your vocabulary the better your chance of writing better sentences. Better sentences make up better essays. There are lots of small tasks you can perform to improve your vocabulary. Things like ‘learn a word a day’ are really valuable.

And finally when looking at essay examples concentrate on each essay as being relevant and focused. This is so important. You need to direct your thought processes to a particular singular focus point. Concentrate on that and make sure that your writing is clear and well structured.