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A list of good compare & contrast essay topics

What are comparing and contrast essays?

Essay writing is an interesting task. People often write essays as an academic assignment during their student life. There are many different types and forms of essays based upon their purpose but the comparison essay is relatively easier. A compare and contrast essay is one of the most interesting types of essays. Students find it easy to learn when they can relate to something. Moreover, you can add a sense of humor to your essay or fiction if applicable. You can adopt many different directions for writing a comparison essay.

What is important for your topic of the essay?

The purpose of a compare and contrast essay is to explain two sides of the same coin or compare two different ideologies, personalities, objects or subjects in the same essay. It is easy to explain things in relativity and even easy to understand too. If you are to write a compare and contrast essay, then the most important thing is your topic. You need to choose a topic that is interesting and has the ability to meet the essay type and format. It should clearly show that the essay is a comparison essay. The topic of your essay also has to be

  • Unique in content
  • Free of grammar and spelling errors
  • Something you have interest for
  • Narrow enough to keep you from getting lost
  • Broad enough to cover your subject
  • Clear and precise so that the reader knows what they will find in the rest of the essay

Essay topics for compare and contrast essays

  1. Alcohols vs. drugs, which one is more addictive
  2. The similarities between the renowned football celebrities
  3. Compare and contrast urban life to rural life
  4. Show the differences and similarities between Planet Earth and the Mars
  5. Is computer technology better than human brain? Can machines take over the world someday?
  6. Compare and contrast different stock theories and show how Just in Time is an effective stock technique
  7. What are the key differences between girls brought up in an eastern culture with that of western?
  8. Compare and contrast the judicial system of Russia and Germany, show which one is more effective and why?
  9. College life vs. practical life which one is more fun
  10. Junk food vs. homemade salad which is better at taste and health