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Custom Writing: Exploring The Options

When assignments become a headache, that would not go you are bound to look around for help. School and college assignments that require you to write formally are not well liked by many. Almost everyone puts them off until it becomes urgent to write. Many students end up submitting their work late or getting a bad grade because of disinterest. The good news is that it is not impossible to extricate yourself from the dreaded task! If you are thinking of getting an assignment (essay, research paper, thesis, and dissertation) written by someone else, you can explore the following options:

  1. Friends, classmates, and other students: You can ask a friend, classmate, or another acquaintance to do your assignment for you. Of course, this cannot be done on a long-term basis, and you will need to compensate your friend this once too. A barter trade can help with shorter assignments such as essays. This arrangement is unlikely to work for term papers and other longer documents.
  2. Online shops: Some websites offer custom written essays, term papers, and dissertations etc. for sale. You can visit these websites to see if this option can work for you. Although the general understanding is that a custom written essay will not be resold, you should always ask explicitly whether this is so.
  3. Freelance writers: A cheap and convenient option is to hire a freelance writer. You can find a local freelancer through friends and classmates. Alternatively, you can search for one online. It is not hard to find people offering their services as freelance writers. You will have to perform a detailed background check to know if the writer has a record of accomplishment of reliable quality writing.
  4. Academic writing services: These professional services can also be found both online and in offices. Whether you go for the traditional brick and mortar office or prefer an online service is totally up to you. Although it is easier to track and follow your assignment in a physical office (also to create nuisance if needed), it is cheaper and more convenient to work with a good online writing service. A writing company is easier to vet than a freelance writer. It is more organized and efficient than a one-person business, but then it is also more expensive.

In terms of price of writing, the equation goes like this:

A friend/classmate < A freelancer < An online writing company < traditional writing agency