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Who Can Edit My Essay for Free Online: Vital Advice

It is hardly possible to get a professional to write your essay for free, but what about editing? Try the following options to have your paper edited online without paying any money.

  • Automatic checkers.
  • Free grammar and spelling checkers are easy to find online. View terms and conditions on every website; some resources that appear in Google search results as “free” are not actually that. Look for a clear notion that the program is free to use. Then copy and paste your essay into the window, and you are done.

    Automatic checkers can do the job instantly. However, they might not be able to identify certain kinds of mistakes, such as wrong word choices. Moreover, many programs do not fix your errors but simply underline them and make references to rules that you might not know.

  • Live editors.
  • Although there are no pure-hearted altruists waiting to edit your essay online, a number of professional editors do complete small orders for free. It’s their way of marketing their services and attracting paid clients. Even if you are not ready to pay for editing, you might spread news to your friends who are.

    Free edits and proofreads performed by living editors have a strict word limit – typically up to 300-500 words. Do not try to submit an essay longer than that. The usual turnaround is 24 hours. If you need your edit completed faster, you might be required to pay.

    Do not trust websites that claim to perform free living edits without any limitations. They might just want to steal your essay and sell it to online databases.

  • Free trials.
  • This option is generally similar to the previous one – professional editors do your check for free. However, the difference is that you may use a free trial only once for each service. Next time you need a free edit, you will have to look for another website. Free trials are especially useful if you need a long essay checked; their word limits are typically much higher than those of regular free offers.

  • Writing services.
  • When you pay for your essay being written by a reputable team, you get professional editing technically for free. The editing cost is included in the final essay price. Due to the large volume of orders that reputable writing services process, they can keep their fees low. An average proofreading service would charge you about $10 per page just for checking your paper for obvious grammar and spelling mistakes. Meanwhile, an essay writing company might complete the whole paper for you for the same price.