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Where can I find sample essay outlines?

An essay outline or plan is an integral part of every piece of academic writing. Without an outline you are writing blind. Without an outline you'll waste time writing irrelevant material and most likely repeat yourself. The best illustration of the value of an outline in writing an essay concerns the tortoise and the hare. The student who is the hare dives into the writing, writes as quickly as they can and hopes like hell that they have produced a winning essay. The student who is the tortoise takes their time. They think long and hard in planning and preparing for the writing of the essay.

This means that when they come to actually write the first draft of their essay, they have all the valuable and relevant information at their fingertips and they know the structure of the essay before they begin to write. For them the process is simple. A look at the plan or the outline and away they go. There is no doubt at all that the best way to write an essay is to create an outline.

Of course this outline has to be based on sound writing practices. This involves the format or structure of the outline which will be introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. It will be based on notes which have been placed inside the outline. These notes will include the thesis statement and a main point for each body paragraph. And once you follow these steps, you make the writing of an essay so much more effective and certainly timesaving.

Where can you find sample essay outlines?

Your school or college library will almost certainly have samples of essays written by previous students. Take advantage of the expertise of the librarians who work there and explain your need. Looking over samples of essay outlines is free and you may well learn a great deal from this activity.

Don't hesitate to ask a fellow student if they have completed an essay outline. You can always learn something from every source. But by far the greatest source of samples of essay outlines can be found online. There are websites which deal specifically with the business of writing an essay. They will devote an entire section to the outline or plan of an essay. They will provide lots of samples. They will explain the content and the structure of the samples. All this is free. You can certainly educate yourself in this aspect of your prose writing.