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4 useful suggestions on how to write a professional essay

If you are writing a professional looking essay you may be unsure of where to begin. Below are four useful suggestions for how to write a professional essay:

  1. Avoid procrastination at all costs
  2. This means you must take it upon yourself to craft a workable schedule that you can follow between now and the time your essay is due. Set up milestones for your assignment such as picking a topic and then doing research and then writing a first draft. Set due dates for yourself for these milestones and do not let yourself miss one.

  3. Do thorough research and take notes
  4. In order to present a professional essay and avoid accidental plagiarism you need to conduct thorough research and ensure that you take notes for your essay. Anything you read should be written down on a note card or note page so that you know where it came from and do not accidentally rephrase it and claim it as yours.

  5. Get to know the format
  6. Make sure that you review the format required of you and that you adhere to it. Nothing is worse than completing a paper incorrectly and being docked just because the format was wrong.

  7. Save time for editing
  8. This means you should have at least one day away from your draft where you can let it leave your mind. Return the next day with a fresh perspective so that you can edit thoroughly.

If you are having a hard time finding the perfect topic for your essay or paper try looking over the samples that are listed below. See if these English and communication topics are suitable for your paper or if they inspire you:

  • Does the act of censorship violate free speech on the internet?
  • How has mass communication altered global awareness and wars?
  • How has mass communication changed international politics or social norms?
  • Write about whether television and magazines are contributing to negative body images among younger kids
  • Discuss the social forces that led to the Harlem Renaissance
  • Research whether there should be privacy settings for social networks that are government regulated
  • Discuss whether the American media is painting an incorrect view of Islam
  • Discuss how the gothic genre of the 19th century compares to the current love of vampire novels
  • Write about what effects the Hollywood Blacklist had on 1950’s television and film
  • Discuss whether children in school should be required to learn a second language
  • Write about how electronic transmissions have affected the way that information is disseminated