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A List Of Expository Essay Topics For Middle School

In your entire academic career and related pursuits you will be often asked to write some expository essays, reports and articles. Therefore it is required to have a thorough understanding on this type of writing which is a basic requirement in schools and colleges. You base for knowledge in expository essays are formed in your middle school when you are allotted to write on expository prompts by your teachers. By regular practice on this type of writing you can gain mastery on developing such works in the future which is a basic requirement in academic writing. In order to develop your knowledge you may even undertake a special course on paragraph and essay writing.

Any piece of information, paragraph, essay that provides explanation or the required information on the specific prompts forms part of an expository essay or article. It is factual information that is presented accurately without any partial treatment or bias on the topic. So every opinion has to be supported with facts while compiling the essay which must be verifiable too. The expository writing can be developed based on is four basic approaches:

  • Rough outline and statement of problem.
  • Evidential support to the problem or idea.
  • Explanation on the idea or problem discussed.
  • Presentation of argument to support the idea.

The structure to be followed for expository writing must contain the following components:

  • An introduction to the central idea discussed.
  • The main body supported by the evidence on the idea about 3-4 paragraphs long.
  • A conclusion which makes a restatement of the idea based on the collected evidence.

The basic objective of preparing an expository essay is to support your ideas and arguments with the collected evidence to prove its validity. These are useful for SAT/CAT/GRE exams and also in some professional pursuits.

Some topics for middle school students are given below:

  • The person you admire the most in your life.
  • If given a choice to travel back in time which period would you like to revisit again in the past?
  • Which book is your favorite and why you like it the most?
  • Who is your favorite teacher and how has she contributed to your academic pursuits?
  • Which is your favorite destination in the world and why do you enjoy visiting that place?
  • If you were to change any one thing in the world, what would it be and why?
  • What kind of music appeals to you and why? Who are your favorite singers or bands?