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Creating an outline example for a five paragraph essay

Every high school student can be asked to write a five paragraph essay. In fact he or she will probably be asked to write many of them so the sooner you understand what is involved in creating such a piece of work, the better you will be at writing and obtaining high marks for your writing.

You must always find time to think about the importance of choosing the right topic. But the assumption with this article is that you have already spent time doing just that. You've made sure that the topic you are to write about is something you want to write about and that you have had it approved by your teacher. Now we move on to the next stage which is the creation of an outline.

The outline is the key to your success

I cannot emphasize enough the value of producing a detailed outline for your five paragraph essay. The more time you spend on creating the outline and the better the outline, the easier will be your task of writing the actual essay. So many students fail to understand this basic fact. They think that the outline can be skimpy. They do not place enough importance on the value of the outline. Wrong. If you go out of your way to create a terrific outline then you will see how easy it is to write an excellent five paragraph essay.

What is the structure of the five paragraph essay?

You will have an introduction, three body paragraphs and the conclusion. Each of these five paragraphs has a specific purpose. You need to know this purpose and you need to follow through on what is required. With the introduction you will tell the reader what they can expect to find. With each body paragraph you will list one main point and then discuss it further with a minor point or points. Only one main point will appear in each body paragraph and the most important main point will come in the first body paragraph. The conclusion to your five paragraph essay will be a brief synopsis of what has gone before. Under no circumstances will you introduce new material in the conclusion.

When you set out your outline, make sure it is easy to read. Usually a single page outline is ideal because you can instantly get an excellent overview of everything your essay will contain.