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How To Compose An Argumentative Essay About Society: Useful Techniques

An argumentative essay about society is an interesting and challenging task that can be handled effectively and without trouble with the help of certain useful tips.

  1. Study your topic.
  2. As soon as you have received it, you need to give it enough attention to realize whether there is enough source information on this subject. You should know the topic well enough to find out additional points of view and opinion of other researchers. Based on these points of view and opinions, you will be able to compose your own precise and consequent argumentation on the social problematics.

  3. Collect as much source information as you can.
  4. In order to prove your point of view on the topic, collect as much information as you can, involving statistics, graphics, diagrams, empiric research data, etc. All this will help you compose your own statement and give a proper evaluation to the opposite point of view.

  5. Develop your thesis statement.
  6. The thesis statement is the main idea of your work and your main argument. Every paragraph on a new social phenomenon that you start will be connected to the thesis statement, confirming or, sometimes, opposing it.

  7. Stick to your guideline.
  8. Once you have chosen a point of view on social problematics you are going to defend, never change it, otherwise you will have to rewrite all the previous pages of your work and search for new reliable argumentation.

  9. Estimate the audience.
  10. Make sure that you know which audience will read your essay. If you are writing at an academic level, your arguments should work well with logics. If you are writing to read it to common people, shift the accent onto emotional components. Writing for people of the same age with you, choose the vocabulary they use actively (of course, avoid overdoing and falling into colloquialism).

  11. Use multiple proofs.
  12. It’s not enough to use only logical or only emotional proofs. You need to provide proofs to every argument. You can use statistic data, opinion of experts, scientific articles, etc. It’s better to avoid using opinions that cannot be confirmed with reliable source material.

  13. Render reference to all your sources.
  14. This is how your arguments will look much more reliable and inspire much more trust. Remember that all the quotes, footnotes and references should be formatted in accordance to demands of the academic style you have chosen for your project. Always give a statement and then confirm it with a quote, it’s very important.