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11 Essay Topics On The Picture Of Dorian Gray For High School Students

The Picture of Dorian Gray is a story about a man that wants to stay beautiful forever but soon finds that beauty isn’t everything. This novel is about a painter that paints Dorian Gray, his muse, in a painting and Dorian Gray sees how people react to his beauty, so he wants to stay younger forever, so he wishes his painting ages and not him and it comes true. Here are some of the topics that you can cover on the Picture of Dorian Gray.

11 Essay Topics

  1. Basil Hallward loved his picture of his muse Dorian Gray but was reluctant to show it, why is that?
  2. Where does Dorian Gray get the idea to have the portrait of him age instead of himself?
  3. What were the fates of the mother and father of Dorian?
  4. How does Dorian describe Mr. Isaacs and how is he important to the story?
  5. When Basil and Lord Henry see Sibyl Vane perform, she does poorly, why is that?
  6. Where is the portrait of Dorian hidden and why does he hide it there?
  7. Before Dorian leaves for Paris, Basil Hallward wants to see him, why?
  8. Basil tells Dorian that only God can see his soul, what happens when Basil tells him this?
  9. Alan Campbell does a favor for Dorian, what is it and why does he do it for him?
  10. What is the importance of what Dorian sees out of his conservatory window when he is at his country estate?
  11. How would you describe Hetty Merton and what is the significance of your comments in the novel?

The Picture of Dorian Gray is the only novel written by Oscar Wilde but left a mark on literary history. In this novel, you will find many themes include vanity, greed, and corruption. This novel gives people a look at what it is like to depend on your looks to get things and this kind of thing still go on today. This list of topics can help you write your essay, but there are other services that you can use to find topics like this for your essay. And if you don’t like what is on this list then you can think of an essay question yourself or search online for the thousands of other questions that you can answer about this novel.