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Excellent Writing Prompts For Eighth Grade Students: Expert Suggestions

Writing prompts are known as school tasks that aim to direct students to compose about a certain topic in a specific approach. This form of writing has certainly become more sophisticated instructing tools and is especially created to bring out particular writing responses from students. Since this is so indispensable it is considered as the first phase to successful writing.

At times, this may be a challenging school tasks to handle for grade eight students; however, composing one gives every student the opportunity to express themselves, share their opinion and improve their writing skills.

It is quite crucial for students to examine essay prompt and ask themselves such questions like:

  • What are the purpose/s of the school task?
  • What form of composition does it require?
  • Who is the audience for the essay?
  • What valuable data do I need in order to accomplish the assignment?
  • How do the expectations of the audience affect my writing style?
  • What types of arguments or details does the essay recommend and would these create excellent
  • paragraphs?

Without doubt, by simply asking and responding to these questions, it will be easier for students to start the outline of their paper and compose their thesis.

Do you find it hard to start because you aren’t certain of what appropriate topic to discuss? Here are some examples of writing prompts for eight graders:

  1. Write an essay explaining why someone you care about is very influential to you.
  2. A role model refers to someone you admire and look up to. Prior composing your essay, think about a person you admire the most. Why do you think highly of this person? Compose an essay in which you explain whom you admire and why you look up to him or her.
  3. Think of your best day in class. What happened that makes this day very special in your memory? Write a story that narrates what happened on this day in class.
  4. Think about your most favorite activity. Write an essay in which you tell a close buddy how to do your most preferred activity. See to it to include all the essential details that your buddy will need in order to do the activity.
  5. It has been stated that TV has little actual educational value. Share your perspective in this issue. Compose an essay that clearly states your viewpoint and make sure to back it up with persuasive reasons. Be certain to explain your reasons in a detailed approach.