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Knowing How to Bake Bread

Every woman should know how to bake bread. No matter if a woman continues to buy bread from a store she should still know how to make it herself. Why is knowing how to bake bread important?

The Appeal of Fantasy

What is the appeal of fantasy to a society? Talk about how fantasy takes the reader to a non-existent place where impossible things happen. Why does this kind of story genre appeal to people?

Why Couples Should Talk

In order for a healthy relationship to be maintained the members must communicate. Why is this so? Should a couple have a habit of talking to one another prior to getting married?

Why the Employer Should Take Care of the Employee and Vice Versa

Why should an employer and an employee look after one another? If order if to be maintained in the workplace then the employer must look after the employee’s needs, and the employee must take care of the employer in order to lighten his or her load.

What it Takes to be a Man

What does it take to be a man? Not merely being an adult but being masculine and responsible enough to stand up on your own. Why is it important to be a man? How is becoming a man achieved? How would one determine that he has become a man?

How Organic Food is Better for You

Organic food became a rave against processed food. Investigate the idea of organic food being better than processed food, and why all the stores should switch to carrying only organic food. Discuss the health benefits to eating organic food while cutting out all the awful processing additives that can clog your body.

Why There Should Not be Tax on Owned Property

The key word is ‘owned’. If you own something you should not have to pay tax on it, especially land property that has been in the family a couple of generations. Having paid the full price of the land’s worth there should be no more tax on the property. Why was such a tax instituted in the first place?

Why Shaking Hands is Considered Polite

For centuries the tradition of shaking hands has been in place. How did this come to be? What cultures refused to shake hands and for what reasons? Why is the tradition still alive today? How did it become a fixture of polite society?