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Places To Find A Good Example Of An Essay On The Effects Of Smoking

It is absolutely incredible how humans despite having the most developed brain pander to vices on a roll, despite knowing that it will ruin him in the long run. Whether it is gambling, smoking or drinking; all roads lead to a destination we all are aware of.

If you want a classic example of smoking essay, you can look into the following quarters

  • Discussion with a chain smoker – You should be curt and probing in the discussion. How did he pick the habit? What keeps him stuck to the habit? Does he have plans to leave the habit and if so, what strategy has he conceived to employ? Is he aware of the problems he is creating for his relatives and even those who have t suffer the pangs of passive smoking?
  • Medical journals – While the above idea cuts it on a personal note; this idea is all about making an objective assessment and penning the vital effects of smoking. This is such a global hazard that write-ups on smoking are fairly common and popular. You will get the moot points and you can make your own enquiries for further facts.
  • Relatives of chain smokers – This is a starkly novel way of approaching the topic. Here you note the dilemma and uncertainties from the perspective of the passive sufferers. Every day, there is fear that the smoker may contract a disease from which he might never come back. Every day, they see the potential of the smoker diminishing in the official capacity. There, clearly, is too much angst.
  • Call center employees – Here, you will meet people who feel as if smoking is an integral part of life. They assume that it tends to give them the will and energy to carry forth; otherwise the hectic schedule may take an extensive toll on their productivity. The logics they will give you would be preposterous.
  • Doctors – Doctors perceive smoking from the other end of the tunnel (this is talking about doctors who themselves don’t smoke). They know the outright symptoms of a smoker and also realize when it is too late to take a retrieving path. They also realize that sudden and complete abstinence may cause extreme withdrawal symptoms or cold turkey if you will.

The above-mentioned are the places where you will either get the essay examples written in print or you will get the spaces from where you can derive essential points.