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Eco-Friendly Cosmetics

In the world today there are many environmentally conscious individuals. Those who are concerned for the well being of animals or who worry about the damage being wrought on the environment are all struggling to find eco-friendly cosmetics that are designed to bring beauty to the world without damaging it. These eco friendly cosmetics are cosmetics researched and designed without harming animals in the process and without damaging the environment. Many of them utilize natural products in the world to enhance beauty in a traditional manner.

Today there are eco friendly replacements available for traditional beauty products. Hair care products are one of the most prominent lines of eco friendly cosmetics. These products are designed to function much the same as canned products without the damaging aerosol packaging. They are designed to provide the same hold without causing the same damage to the atmosphere.

In France there is a growing line of eco friendly cosmetics whose main properties are derived from naturally occurring products in the rain forests. They have natural toothpaste which will brighten and whiten teeth without any harmful chemicals like that of sodium laureth sulfate. This chemical is added to toothpaste but serves to purpose. It is a chemical which causes the toothpaste to bubble in your mouth. It also dampens your sweet receptors in your mouth and increases your sour receptors. Over time it causes permanent damage. This is why drinking things such as orange juice directly after brushing teeth with traditional toothpaste renders an awful taste in the mouth; the sodium laureth sulfate will dampen any sweetness in the orange juice and enhance the stinging citrus. Chemicals like this were added to toothpaste because the general public thought that since shampoo is more effective when it bubbles then toothpaste needed to bubble too in order to be effective. Market research was conducted and when toothpaste did not bubble people did not think it worked. That ignorance has continued to allow the growth of non eco-friendly products.

But today there are natural toothpastes and make up lines that are made entirely out of natural products. Toothpaste comes in small chewable tablets made of rose which breakdown in the mouth upon chewing and can be spread about the teeth like toothpaste. Make up products are designed without testing on animals and use natural beauty enhancers to brighten complexion and increase the health of the skin. Overall these eco friendly options have brought with them great benefits to individuals and the world.