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12 Topics For Writing A Winning 5-Paragraph Compare And Contrast Essay

When you are developing a 5-paragraph compare and contrast essay, the topic that you choose is so important to the overall success of the paper. The main idea behind a compare and contrast essay is to find the similarities, differences, or both between two subjects. You can write it about just about anything that has comparable features. You can compare an apple with wood, but the comparison wouldn’t really mean anything. Therefore, you want to compare things in the same group. So, instead of comparing an apple with wood, you would compare it with a banana instead. They are in the same group and that will make a more useful comparison.

For a five paragraph essay needs to have an introduction that gives some background information on both subjects with a thesis statement, three body paragraphs to discuss three different things that are similar between the two or different, and a conclusion. So, all you need to do is to get a good idea of what to write your paper on by writing it on one of these 12 topics.

  1. Effective teaching methods
  2. Types of governments
  3. Movie genres
  4. Writing styles
  5. Studying techniques
  6. Animal species
  7. Cultures
  8. Trendy diets
  9. Fashion styles
  10. Architectural methods
  11. Religions
  12. Authors

Now that you have chosen your general topic, you need to choose two topics to compare. These will be the two that you will compare. Find the similarities and the differences between the two. Then, decide whether you want to talk about one or both. The next step is to write an outline that will organize your ideas and give you an idea of what to write your paper on.

A great way to write an excellent paper is to get an example to use as a guide. It can help you realize how to present your information, transition from one topic to another, and much more. Read your example through a few times or use it when you get stuck and don’t really know where to go with your paper. The more your read; the easier it will be to write. You will be able to see how to handle major issues and get through any road blocks along the way. There is just so much that you can learn from reading a few samples.