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What are the Different Types of Expository Essays?

Just the facts

An expository essay is an essay that is nothing but informative, it allows you to provide your audience with an equal analysis of the topic you are writing about. As a writer of an expository essay you define the topic you are writing about, you use facts to help prove your point, you use statistics to prove your point, and you can use examples to help prove your point. The form of expository writing encompasses a large variety of essay types.

Different types of expository essays

Compare and Contrast Essay- You take a topic that is very controversial at the moment and talk about it. You mention the most accurate points for each side of the subject and you weigh the pros and cons. In the end, you decide where you stand and hope that your viewpoints have led your readers to feel the same way as you do.

  • Apples to oranges
  • Cars to Trucks
  • Math to Science

Cause and Effect Essay- You choose a subject that was an action and then there was a reaction caused by it.

  • Cold weather makes us wear more clothes
  • The more fluids you drink than the more you will have to go to the bathroom
  • Unsafe sex has led to an overpopulation
  • Taking medicine gets rid of why you were sick in the first place

Process Essay or the How to Essay- explain how something can be done no matter how basic or how detailed it can be through a step by step process; pictures may be included.

  • How to build a birdhouse
  • The process of how paper is made
  • How to properly re tile your bathroom floor
  • The process of how the world goes round
  • How to catch the attention of someone you are interested in

These examples are all types of an expository essay, each type is slightly different and develops their own personality, but all are meant to inform the given audience of the facts and nothing but the facts. Each expository essay is meant to teach the readers something and to inspire them to take a part in things in life that they are passionate about and to stand up for what they believe in; because if they don’t then who will, because everything has to start somewhere and everything has to be started by someone. Informing your readers is a great type of essay to write.