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APA Essay Writing Format: 7 Rules To Keep In Mind

APA essay writing format is a recommended way to structure your essay or paper, and to list all the citation and recourses you used while writing. It is not difficult to make a perfect paper if you follow some basic rules. There are also many services that provide help with writing essays and have manuals for APA style writing. Visit this service, and go to their web page to try to get information about basic rules and preferred modes of typing.

Rule one: Chose the best font

There is not one specific font that is obligatory to use in APA format, but it is underlined that you should choose a clear and readable style. That means that you should use a standard font that you usually see in thesis and dissertations.

Rule two: Chose good outline

A good example of APA essay would be the one that was double-spaced on standard paper, with same margins on all sides.

Rule three: You have to have header on every page

All APA style papers have header, where you should type the exact title of your essay or the title of the chapter, if you have multiple of them. You should use same font and letter size on every page.

Rule four: Numbering

It is preferred if you have the number the page typed next to the chapter, but that is something that you can check with your mentor. Some of them don’t follow the APA standards when it comes to numbering,

Rule five: Structure

You should have the simple structure, that any paper has, that includes and introduction, body of the essay, and conclusion. If it is a bigger essay or paper, it should include table of content, appendix and bibliography. This is also something that you need to discuss with your professor, because they all have their preferences when it comes to systematizing your paper.

Rule six: Citing has to be flawless

There are strict rules when you are citing your sources. Every book or paper that you read should be there, and you have to mark the very page you cited from, or your work won’t pass plagiarism checks.

Rule seven: Find good examples before you start

You can always find some good examples by visiting some essay writing services, because they usually post an example of an APA style essay. You can also find many tutorials on the internet that include snapshots of samples of custom essay that has been written in APA style.