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List Of Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics In Marketing

An argumentative essay requires that you pick a topic that is arguable, decide which side you are on, and defend that position with the use of evidence gained through research, personal experience, historical examples, and literature. Most commonly there are several different points that the author uses to get their audience to understand their position.

Keep these in mind when searching for a topic

Marketing essays are designed to be formidable. Even when the topic has been assigned to you it can be difficult to put everything together. When the topic choice is up to you, especially when writing an argumentative essay, there may be a bit of relief because you are able to settle on something that you find interesting and are passionate about.

  • Begin the decision-making process by determining the marketing aspects you feel confident talking about.
  • It is essential that you pay attention to any specifics that your instructor may have designated.
  • Your choice should be able to offer several different approaches.
  • It should be of interest to the reader and stimulate their desire to learn more.

To give you some help in making a decision, here is a list of outstanding topics that you may want to consider before you look any farther:

  • Since it changes constantly, what is the current key to retaining customer loyalty?
  • Are pop-up ads for live chat an effective part of a marketing campaign?
  • Should there be an integration from the "tried and true" methods to electronic forms of advertising?
  • Social media is an effective and cheap way to reinforce brand loyalty, gain new customers, and allow consumers to interact with companies. Can you afford not to use it?
  • Does subliminal messaging work? Is it still being used? If so, give some examples of how it being used today.
  • The best way to ensure improvement within an organization is to receive customer feedback.
  • Which emotion makes the biggest impact on consumers when they view advertising: Guilt, sadness, joy, anger, fear, surprise, or anticipation?
  • Sales and special offers are nowhere near significant enough to make an impact on brand loyalty.
  • Consumers are more savvy than ever. Tricks involving new price, old price will still be effective though.
  • Should employees be penalized for refusing to participate in marketing campaigns for products they find to be unethical, immoral, or the potential cause of illness in humans?