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A Guide Providing You with a List of Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Do you feel lost because you cannot find a good topic for a cause and effect essay? The following guide should provide you with some inspiring ideas:

  • How does peer pressure affect teenagers in high school?
  • Identify the reasons that cause people to pressure their peers into something, and the ones that make teenagers succumb to this pressure. Next, assess the results these occurrences lead to.

  • Why do people cheat in relationships?
  • You will need to identify a group of individuals to focus on, for example, wives. Attempt to analyze the reasons that push them towards cheating. Explain how exactly every cause affects a woman’s mind and disposition.

  • What makes people choose online classes?
  • The number of students that choose online classes over traditional ones has been growing recently. You will need to determine the reasons that lead to this, and try to predict how this will affect the education industry as a whole.

  • Why do people become technophobes?
  • In today’s age of technology, there is a group of people who willingly choose to avoid using various electronic devices. You will need to identify the reasons that make them behave in such a manner, and try to predict their future. Will there be more people like this when technology develops to a new level, or will they eventually disappear?

  • What makes reality shows popular?
  • Regardless of your personal opinion on reality shows, you cannot deny the fact that they are getting more popular by the day. Determine the reasons that make people like them so much. You can also study how the shows changed over the years to become more appealing to the public.

  • The effects of noise pollution on residents of big cities.
  • Define what noise pollution is and what causes it. Research this matter from a biological point of view and include the information you find in your essay. You must explain how this form of pollution affects human bodies, and what kind of results long-time exposure will produce.

  • How online shopping will affect malls.
  • Explain the reasons that make people choose online shopping over going to a mall. Determine how this will affect the market as a whole.

    Offer some suggestions that can help mall owners attract customers.

  • Why are people so keen on eating junk food?
  • Explain the effects that junk food has on the body, and try to identify the reasons that make people eat it in spite of all the dangers it produces.