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Where to Find Good Persuasive Essay Topics for 5th Graders

Unlike older kids, 5th graders may struggle with finding interesting topics for a persuasive essay. If your child turns to you for help and you cannot come up with an appropriate idea, use the following resources for inspiration:

  • Age-appropriate publications:
  • Study articles in the periodicals aimed at fifth graders and you will know what topics are appropriate for discussion. Talk about these things with your child and determine what he or she is most passionate about.

  • Online databases:
  • There are plenty of websites that offer lists of essay topic prompts for students of different ages and specialties. Study these lists closely, and you will definitely find quite a few interesting ideas. However, do not forget that you need to change the wording of the topic if you want to use it.

    Using a topic found online without changing it will be considered plagiarism.

  • The child’s friends:
  • Sometimes, observing how children interact can give you some ideas for a persuasive essay. Your child may not be able to catch them, but you can notice the things that he or she likes to talk about with friends. If you see your child passionately persuading his or her peers about something, suggest writing an essay on this topic.

5th Graders Essay Topic Prompts

Here are a few prompts that can be used as topics for 5th graders essays:

  1. Should animals from zoos be released and transferred to natural reserves?
  2. School uniforms help raise a generation of drones by depersonalizing children.
  3. Does living in a single parent home affect a child’s emotional development?
  4. Should schools educate children about recycling and other methods of protecting the environment?
  5. Does sending a child to a boarding school break family bonds?
  6. Why should children be allowed to use smartphones in school?
  7. Is homeschooling more effective than traditional education?
  8. Should parents be blamed for the actions of their children?
  9. Why is it so important to eat vegetables?
  10. Should a child be rewarded for every good grade?
  11. Do adults really know better?
  12. Should parents encourage children’s fantasies about being superheroes?
  13. Should children be allowed to visit online chat rooms?
  14. Are fast food restaurants responsible for the increase in the number of obese children?
  15. Can school authorities be allowed to organize locker searches without warning?

Regardless of which topic you choose, remember that your child needs to be genuinely interested in it. This way, he or she will be able to write a stronger essay.