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How To Come Up With A Winning Argument Of Definition Essay Topics

Definition essays seek to define a thing, an issue, a condition, or a person. You are supporting your argument considering the topic you have chosen. Your thoughts, the definition, and academic support are all necessary for the paper to be effective. The topics for this style of essay need to have the correct amount of pro and con and the support to prove your idea or your stance. The less concrete the topic, the better the paper will probably be. Some topics might be:

  • Justice
  • Freedom rights
  • Liberty
  • Jealousy
  • Anarchy
  • Rebellion
  • Distrust
  • Manipulation
  • Evil
  • Greed
  • The enemy
  • Terrorism
  • Good
  • Kindness
  • Treachery
  • Mischievousness

Here is the order you should follow when you get ready to compose this style of paper. This format is a nice one to always follow, so use these nine steps to success:

  1. Decide what topic or term you will be defining, in this case, the topic can make or break the paper
  2. Make a complete and detailed outline of the path you want to follow in your paper
  3. Gather data, facts, and information on your term from credible and academic sources, you will want to cite these things and have a reference page
  4. Write your introductory paragraph (thesis, background, and hook), also include synonyms and antonyms for the term that you selected, you can include the history of your word and when it came into being and from what culture, a strong start is very important
  5. In the body paragraphs support the main points that you mentioned in your thesis statement
  6. Make a strong close with a restatement of your thesis in the conclusion and an universal statement
  7. Create your reference page (either Works Cited or Bibliography) if your teacher requires you to have one
  8. Proofread and edit the finished product
  9. Rewrite making all needed corrections to create your final draft

This style of essay has become popular with high school English teachers and freshman college teachers. It is used as an evaluation of sorts in senior year, and then as a freshman it is a nice gauge for your professor to see how good of a writer you might be. Use one of these topics and follow these tips the next time you need to come up with a winning argument for a definition essay.