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Writing Tips For Students: An Outline For A Five-Paragraph Essay

In school, you were always taught that before you write you should do an outline. After a while of them not saying it you stop doing it. It may seem like an extra step but it is already a step as you learned when you were younger; you have just been skipping it a lot. There are reasons that you should always have one. It does help your writing. It does prepare you. Being prepared to write is half of the battle. Here are a few tips on what they need to have or be to be good ones and to help you write better.


  • Structure it the same way as the essay
  • Make it as detailed as possible
  • Use it as a guide while writing

Structure It the Same Way as the Essay

If you don’t structure your outline in 5 paragraph format, then it will be less helpful to you. Structuring it correctly for the kind of paper you are writing is the key to it being useful to you. The more this looks like the paper will, the more you will get out of it. So start with the introduction, and then have the three middle paragraphs separately, and then the conclusion. This will make it most helpful to you.

Make It As Detailed As Possible

The more detail you put into this, the more you will get out of it. Every idea you have for the intro should be in the intro section. When working on those three paragraphs in the middle, put as many ideas as you can think to use in the paper into this as well. The same goes for the conclusion. If it is very detailed, you won’t forget any of your ideas, and they will all be in the right order which makes things so much easier.

Use It as a Guide While Writing

When you begin to write, look at your outline. Before starting the introduction, you look at the ideas in that section, all in order and write them down just in more detail. When in the body of the essay you just look at all the points you wanted to make and information you have in those sections and use that to guide what you write there. The conclusion is no different.

Outlines are meant to be a guide for your writing. They are supposed to be there to help you organize your thoughts so that the actual writing is easier. This is how to make a proper one. Always remember these tools.