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Business Argumentative Essay Topics: A List Of Fresh Ideas For High School

Nowadays, we live in an exciting era for businesses. It is important to have a working idea on how a business works since high school. You never know, you could become a businesspersons at any moment due to the endless possibilities that the Internet and the free-market system provide. In this article, we suggest a few interesting headings for your upcoming argumentative essay on trading.

  1. How to become an entrepreneur nowadays: success is online. The Internet provides new ways of making business today. Now, you no longer have to get to an agreement face-to-face with a client, you are able to make contact without moving from home. Are you aware of the latest tendencies involving online trading?
  2. The advantage of the new technologies in the business world. There is an increasing number of devices which are capable of connecting to the Internet. Do you know the means that any entrepreneur has today? You could explain the latest innovations that make it easier to make business.
  3. How to create an online business step by step. Explain the whole process of business creation in the Internet from scratch. Suggest a few online tools that any person may find handy.
  4. What are the most profitable areas for start-ups? Take a look at recent surveys about the income that the most common activities produce. Make a short list with the top ten most profitable start-ups in the moment.
  5. Getting an extra income in your free time: learn about the possibilities. Have you ever considered earning more money without committing too much time to any activity? Study the options for having an extra income nowadays.
  6. Working on your own or not: the freelancer style of life. Being a freelance might be a high-risk & high-reward choice. It definitely has its advantages but it is a serious decision. However, you could suggest people how to go for this option in a safe way.
  7. Thinking as a businessman from this moment. Imagine how your life would change if you had a business. Now, tell everybody what the correct mindset would be, tell them what is the output of thinking as a businessperson.
  8. Benefit margin in electronic/video games commerce. Analyse the possible benefit which may arise from starting a business in electronics or video games. Is it worth the inversion? If yes, how much money would you need to create a business in this field.
  9. What is the strongest currency nowadays? Carry out a deep analysis in the worldwide currency situation. Focus the argumentative essay on getting to a conclusion about what the best option would be if you could choose.
  10. Preparing a spreadsheet for your next event step by step. Have you ever created a spreadsheet? Analyse the pros and drawbacks of using this format in a business. Do you think it is useful?