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How To Write A Persuasive Essay In High School: Effective Tips

High school students are sometimes instructed to write persuasive essays. This type of academic paper teaches students to persuade other people and find good arguments in support of their ideas. It’s not easy to compose a persuasive essay of high quality, so it’d be useful for you to read the tips below.

  1. Come up with a good topic.
  2. If your teacher didn’t tell you what your paper should be about, you can take advantage of this. To write a strong persuasive paper, you should really believe in the statements that you’re defending. Pick a subject that interests or concerns you, and the effectiveness of your writing will be significantly boosted.

  3. Find strong evidence.
  4. Although in a persuasive essay you aren’t obligated to use only factual evidence to support your arguments, it’s advisable to look for better proof than just your personal opinion. Research your topic thoroughly before you start writing.

  5. Outline your essay.
  6. This is needed to give your paper a solid structure. Without an outline, you may forget to mention some important evidence or compose your paper without a strong direction which will make it less persuasive.

  7. Write a captivating introduction.
  8. The main purpose of an opening paragraph is to attract the attention of readers to the problem that you’re going to discuss. Use some fact or quotation as a hook and, then, write briefly about your topic. Place your thesis statement at the end of the paragraph to present the idea that you’re going to persuade your readers in.

  9. Write an argumentative body.
  10. Each body paragraph should be related to a separate argument. However, make sure that all your arguments are relevant to your thesis statement and each other. Use evidence gathered during your research to support your statements and make them more persuasive.

  11. Write a strong conclusion.
  12. The last paragraph of your essay should summarize your main arguments and present your final statement that indicates the importance of your work. You may even call your readers to action and motivate them to find more proof in support of your ideas.

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