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Fresh Ideas for Writing a Perfect Frankenstein Analysis Essay

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is one of those rare classical works that are even more relevant today than at the time they were written. The present-day experiments on artifical life creation, cloning, and genetic engineering are making us recall Frankenstein’s story more and more often. Use one of the ideas below to craft a perfect essay, linking the novel to present-day issues and challenges.

Frankenstein and Tolerance

  • Could the creature have had better luck in a more tolerant society?
  • Frankenstein was rejected by the family who he came to love, mainly because of his appearance. Do you think the same would have happened if the story was set in the present world? Are most people today open-minded enough to be able to accept and respect an individual, despite his or her unusual or unpleasant appearance?

  • How has tolerance influenced the presentation of Frankenstein in popular culture?
  • Compare Frankenstein’s image in the book and that of one of the recent screen versions, e. g. in the Once upon the Time series. How different is the screen “monster”? Is he more sympathetic? Can this change be attributed to more tolerant attitudes of today’s people?

Frankenstein and Feminism

  • Is Frankenstein’s monster a feminist metaphor in a male-dominated world?
  • Mary Shelley’s mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, was famous for her feminist views. There is a widespread view that Mary Shelley had taken after her and expressed her rejection of the aggressive, pragmatic, and male-dominated society of that time in the image of Frankenstein. Search the text for arguments in favor or against this view.

  • Female characters in Frankenstein: could they have helped?
  • Analyze a particular female character in the novel. Discuss whether she could have helped the creature integrate into society. What, in your opinion, stopped her from providing this help – the flaws in her own character, or her lack of power and influence as a woman in a male-dominated society?

Frankenstein and Transhumanism

  • Was Victor Frankenstein a Transhumanist?
  • Compare the aims and methods of Victor Frankenstein with those of present-day Transhumanist scientists who want to create “an enhanced human” through genetic modification or cyborgization. Do you think this novel should be a warning for Transhumanist thinkers?

  • Has Frankenstein given rise to the development of anti-scientific and anti-technological stereotypes in Western society?
  • Frankenstein is typically viewed as an anti-scientific novel. Many popular culture stereotypes of “evil” scientists and “dangerous” scientific inventions can be traced back to it. Do you think this view is justified? Or, is the evil in this book not knowledge and technology per se, but their irresponsible uses?