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20 Compare And Contrast Essay Prompts About Studying Abroad

Writing a compare and contrast essay can be a difficult task, especially if you have no idea what to write in the project. This is the reason why you should give a lot of attention to the choice of a topic.

Where and How to Search for Interesting Ideas

You can start at once on the Internet. There are numerous resources where you can find help. For example, look at this company to save your time. Some of those resources offer services of professional writers. Others simply provide lists of interesting topic suggestions.

Besides that, you can try to search in libraries. Writing about studying abroad, you will definitely find a lot of interesting projects that have been composed by other students. They are able to give you the inspiration that you need and show you the proper direction for working.

Below, there are several quite interesting suggestions that you may also like.

  1. The structure of exams in the US and in European countries.
  2. Integration with campus life at home vs. living in foreign campuses.
  3. Studying norms in the US vs. those in Asian countries.
  4. The depth of knowledge that you receive in an American school vs. the quality of studying in foreign schools.
  5. The influence of the age of universities on the quality of education in the US and abroad.
  6. The popularity of studying in the US vs. foreign countries.
  7. The availability and affordability of education in the US vs. African countries.
  8. Studying abroad: advantages vs. disadvantages from your point of view.
  9. Studying abroad: a big stress vs. amazing experience.
  10. Traveling abroad: studying vs. having fun far away from home.
  11. Reasons for studying abroad vs. reasons for staying at home.
  12. Making friends in a local school vs. finding friends while studying abroad.
  13. Studying abroad: homesickness vs. having fun in a new place.
  14. The stress of studying abroad for teenage students vs. young children.
  15. Studying abroad that begins in a university vs. studying abroad since the nursery school.
  16. Studying abroad as an overrated vs. underrated experience.
  17. The positive effect of studying abroad vs. its negative effect.
  18. Studying in a developing country vs. studying in a highly developed one as a key to opportunities.
  19. Studying abroad: better education vs. a cultural clash.
  20. Studying abroad: a chance to get better education vs. a chance of becoming a part of another world.