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How To Choose Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For College

When you are choosing topics for a compare and contrast essay, you want to find something that has a good amount of material to work with. Sometimes you can choose a subject and begin your research only to find that there isn't much for you to work with.

Hopefully you won't run into that problem, but if you do, it's best to choose a different topic. To avoid that problem altogether, you can look through a variety of topics, select your favourite, and research it briefly to make sure the information is plentiful.

First, you should find something that interests you. Because of the research involved, it's not something you want to feel is a burden. People don't generally have fun when writing their essays, but it doesn't have to be a complete pain.

If you find something that you genuinely want to look at and something you want to share with others, it will make the writing process so much easier for you to complete. The work is hard enough, but if you can find a topic you're passionate about, the work won't seem so tedious.

Your subjects need to be easy to compare, that way you don't have to think too much about their similarities and differences. You will have to sort those out, but if you can only think of one or two things that connect the two, it's probably best to move on to something better. You want them to be easy to understand, and easy for you to point out. You don't want to argue something that makes no sense or try to force the point.

Let's go over some things will would be easy to compare.

Two historical figures is a good choice. You can choose from two presidents who had similar ideals and changed the country. You can choose from two people of royalty for the same reasons.

If you'd rather compare events than people, you can pick two events that had a large impact on society, whether it be negatively or positively.

Any tragedy or disastrous event would be easy to compare also. Some tragedies are unavoidable and some could have been prevented, so you can decide which side to explore.

If you're looking for something a little more fun, why not compare two celebrities? Actors, authors, or anything you like, as long as there are enough similarities and differences between the two that it makes sense to compare them.