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A List Of Good College Essay Topics To Write About

One thing that is going to be extremely unpleasant about your first years in college is the heap of writing assignments you will get from various professors. They will overwhelm you and take all of your free time. Moreover, it will not be the easiest thing to do. When you are just starting, you may spend hours on just choosing the topic. At the same time you could spend this time on much more interesting things your college is swarmed with. This guide will teach you how to select a good topic for your essay in no time and not to bother about it at all.

Break the process in steps and get it done quickly!

The first step will be to find that subject you will be exploring in your paper. If your professor gives you a direction, he saves you half of the work already. However, there are certain assignments when the topic of the paper is not as important as the type of essay, formatting or something else you need to learn at the moment. When the topic choice lies completely on you, you still need to choose wisely. First, you will need to select the general subject you want to explore. Make sure it's appropriate for the college studies and will be interested for you. Narrow it down till you have a perfect solution.

To push you in the right direction, we have created a list of possible topics, broken down into subjects.

  1. Business:
    • Will the creation of maximum wage as opposed to minimum wage be possible and reasonable?
    • Can the 40-hours working week be considered too long and shall people be given more time to rest?
    • Shall big companies offer their employees sports possibilities on work time or during the breaks on the cost of the company? How can it influence the productivity?
  2. Education:
    • What is the influence of Pledge of Allegiance on the patriotic development of a child and shall it remain obligatory for the school?
    • Are college athletic scholarships reasonable and fair in relation to nonathletic students?
    • Shall obligatory military service after school be introduced?
  3. Government:
    • Is it possible and reasonable to introduce a government-supported salary for stay-at-home moothers?
    • Shall the school-served lunches be under the governmental control?
    • What is the main role of Homeland security?
  4. Media:
    • Shall special filter programs for child Internet-surfing be introduced?
    • Have the celebrities a right for privacy and ┬áprivate information or can it be publicized?
    • Shall advertising for some products be censored (alcohol, cigarettes etc.)