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Guide For Dummies: Types Of Academic Papers You're Going To Write In College

In this guide for dummies, I will be detailing the many types of academic papers you will be asked to write in college. Naturally, if you are a dummy, you probably won't be accepted into college; and the dummy-er dummies out there will have a bit of trouble reading this, but I digress.

  1. Research paper
    • A research paper is one of the most common types of papers you're going to be asked to write in college.
    • In this paper, you are expected to provide a fair and balanced in depth study of your chosen topic. Little room is left for personal opinions or creativity.
  2. Persuasive essay
    • A persuasive essay is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It is a paper in which you are expected to write about a topic from your personal opinion and try to convince the reader your view is the correct one.
    • The persuasive essay can be a lot of fun to write as you can choose to discuss a ┬átopic which you are passionate about.
  3. Descriptive essay
    • The descriptive essay is the academic paper which will give you the most opportunity to be creative in your academic writing.
    • In this form of academic paper, students are expected to describe a person or place in great detail. For the non-creative mind, it may be a little difficult to meet the expected word count.
  4. Book review
    • This type of academic paper may seem more suited to elementary school; or at the very latest, high school with a lazy teacher. However, there are occasions when this type of paper is assigned to college students.
    • In college, book reviews are expected to be a lot more in depth than those assigned to younger students. Detailed character and plot assessments are crucial if you expect a good grade.
  5. Narrative essay
    • Much like the book review, the narrative essay is one that may never even come up in all your time in college. Of course, you can never be too sure.
    • In this type of essay, you are expected to tell a story which will have a profound impact on the reader. You want the reader the reader to really feel like they have read something special when they reach the final word.

And with that, dummies, you know the kind of academic papers you will be asked to write once you begin college.