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Eight Powerful Topics For Your Essay Against Abortion

Abortion is one of the world’s most emotive subjects. It does not matter which country you are from, this topic is a tidal wave of controversy. There are plenty of people for abortion and plenty against. No matter which side of the table you are on, you are certain to feel strongly about it.

Writing an argumentative or persuasive essay against abortion is a delicate business because of the sensitivity of the subject. Your arguments need to be forthright with a heavy dose of evidential support. The supporting evidence needs to be thoroughly researched and vetted for correctness. The reliability of your sources is paramount. Your writing should be concise and to the point and once again, rely on facts rather than only appealing to the feelings and sensibilities of your readers.

In this article, we introduce eight powerful topics for your essay against abortion.

  1. The Physiological Impact of Abortion on Women.
  2. There is some evidence to suggest that women who have undergone abortions may have some physiological issues later in life related to the procedure. Explore this suggestion.

  3. The Psychological Impact of Abortion on Women.
  4. Abortion can have unintended consequences like feelings of guilt or remorse on women who have gone through with the procedure. Explore.

  5. The Reputational Impact of Abortion on Women and Families.
  6. In many societies, the incidence of abortion in a family is considered shameful. This can lead to the status of an outcast from society for the woman or indeed the whole family. Explore the impact.

  7. The Psychological Impact on Other Members of a Family, especially Siblings, whose Parents have Undergone Abortion.
  8. Explore what sort of negative impact is felt by children whose parents have aborted their new siblings.

  9. The Alternatives to Abortion for Rape Victims.
  10. One of the biggest points of argument for pro-abortion sections is the fate and choice of rape victims. Provide viable alternatives such as adoption and argue against abortion.

  11. The Long term Economic Impact of the Pro-Abortion Position on Society.
  12. Campaigning for the right to abortion uses up finances. This may include holding rallies, printing promotional literature and lobbying legislature. Explore the financial impact of such campaigns and present alternate developmental projects on which such finances could be used.

  13. The effect of the pro-abortion debate on healthy sex lives of the young generation.
  14. The pro-abortion position in society has impacted teen behavior towards sex where irresponsible sexual behavior is no longer discouraged since any “mistakes” can be “corrected”. Explore.

  15. The Effect of the Pro-abortion position on Medical Science.
  16. It can be argued that the medical resources employed to develop successful abortion techniques can be better utilized for developing techniques to reduce child and maternal mortality rates. Discuss.