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Good Essay Topics On US History: 25 Questions You Can Handle

While world history, indeed history of any kind is incredibly fascinating. I think there is something incredibly special and endearing about US history. Something that stirs the soul. I would hope that the very fact that you have been tasked with writing an essay on the subject in the first place would mean that you have a keen interest in it. However, I am sure that with a little bit of thought and imagination even the most cynical of you can find something to get fired up about.

Still waiting to be convinced?

Don’t worry, here are 25 questions you can handle when coming up with good essay topics on US history.

  1. How the 9/11 attacks shaped US foreign policy and focused the minds of ordinary Americans
  2. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: a defining moment in U.S. history. Did the US enter the Second World War too late? What were the reasons behind this?
  3. The history of Western movies. Look at movie legends like John Wayne
  4. The history of comedy within the US
  5. Local history: choose a century and write about your home town
  6. The history of racial tension within America. Martin Luther King etcetera
  7. The history of drug smuggling – historical relationships between Mexican drug lords and American drugs cartels
  8. The history of gambling in Las Vegas. It’s origins and transformation
  9. The thirteen colonies of North America
  10. The Mayan Empire
  11. The history of the indigenous peoples of America
  12. The history of the civil rights movement
  13. The American Dream: its origins and roots
  14. The history of your favorite basketball or soccer team or player
  15. The history of Washington D.C. why is it the capitol
  16. Choose an American president
  17. Battle of Spottsylvania Courthouse
  18. Slavery in America
  19. Who was Fannie Lou Hamer?
  20. The American First ladies – Pick one and write about them and their impact on America at the time
  21. The history of the Halloween holiday. Why do Americans make such a big deal out of it?
  22. The history behind the thanksgiving turkey
  23. Take a battle from the American Civil War and examine it
  24. The Holocaust and impact on Americans
  25. The relationship between America and Israel. Why has Obama taken a different stance to other U.S. Presidents

Enjoy working your way through these topics!