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Secrets of an outstanding persuasive essay topic

Good essay writing depends on several factors but one of the most important is the topic. This is particularly important in persuasive essay writing where the writer is challenged to sway the reader into agreeing with a particular stance on an issue. Topic selection can be influenced by the following:

An understanding of the nature of persuasion

Some people have no clue how to convince, to sell or in other words to persuade. There are others who seem to just naturally have a knack for it. To pick a good topic, you need to know how much you can say in your essay title and how it will pave the way for the rest of the argument in a way that makes the reader agree.

Amazing Language Skills

To be able to persuade people in conversation is useful in this type of essay but in the end it will be written and read not spoken and heard. The two methods are different in many ways. You need amazing language skills to make your reader feel like he or she is being spoken to even though the words are just characters on a page or screen.

A wide knowledge base

The more you know, the more sources you can draw from in the choosing of your topic. This can help you be original and that catches the reader’s attention.


Picking a topic in a hurry will rarely give you the best option. Make sure you have enough time to sort through all of your prospects and come to the best possible decision.

Here are a few persuasive topics you can analyze:

  • Will women ever be valued more for intellect than aesthetics?
  • Does birth order have a significant effect on personality?
  • Is astrology as worthy of study as astronomy or cosmology?
  • Can atheists develop as much or more morality than religious people?
  • Have developed nations done enough to make amends to the nations they at one point colonized?
  • Is it morally acceptable to make a plant illegal?
  • Should professionals in education be subjected to intense psychological screening?
  • Is the concept of a ‘government’ losing popularity?
  • Should humans pursue medical means of reducing or eliminating the need for sleep?
  • Should pop singers be chosen primarily based on talent rather than looks?

Your chosen topic will, of course, reflect your own knowledge base and preferences but this list should serve as a guide.