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What To Know About The Different Types Of Expository Essay

Expository essays are essays that are used to inform, describe or explain almost anything you choose. Here are four different types of expository essays:

  1. Compare & Contrast essay – This type of essay explores the similarities and differences between two or more topics.
  2. How-to essay – This is exactly what it says it is. This type of essay gives step-by-step directions on how to do something. This essay should be explained in chronological order so the reader can follow along to complete the task.
  3. Descriptive essay – This type of essay describes a person, place or event. When you are describing this particular thing you must use facts so it is believable.
  4. Cause & Effect essay – This type of essay is used to describe how one particular event (cause) can result in a number of different effects. This type of essay is used to write about historical events, environmental crisis, and personal decisions. Another use for this type of essay would be the effects of a future scenario or predictions that may result from a future scenario such as the effects of global warming.

Most of these essays can use the basic essay format that uses the 3-part system of Introduction, Body and Conclusion. There are slight variations based on the particular type but they are basically the same.

  • Introduction – In all of these essays, there needs to be an introduction
    • Compare & Contrast essays – Needs to introduce both topics that are being compared and introduce them. Your thesis statement must include the differences and similarities of the two topics.
    • How-to-essay – The introduction states what the end result of the how-to essay will be
    • Descriptive essay – This introduction will tell you what you are describing and what you learned from it
    • Cause & effect essay – This introduction will give you the single cause and the multiple effects that resulted from that.
  • Body – All of these essays are basically the same bodies. They all use the body to explain the thesis statement
  • Conclusion – The conclusion of the How-to essay is the end result of the instructions which is exactly what the introduction is so all you need to do is restate it. Also maybe give some uses for whatever you were teaching as well. All of the rest of the essays will also have you restate the thesis statement in the conclusion.

These types of expository essays are very common and used often in all courses of study. The more you do these essays, the easier they will get.