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5 steps to make to become a great essay writer

Writing great essays is not as difficult as many people think. The process of writing an essay is not a big secret that is available only to English majors and writing majors. The steps to writing great essays can be quickly summarized into five easy steps.

  1. Read good essays. When you read good essays, you mentally digest the good writing. You will be able to read high quality voice and notice the sentence variety that the writer uses. The best essays are often writing by novelists, because they are so good at turning a phrase in an artistic fashion. The more essays you read, the more ideas you will get and the more vocabulary you will develop.
  2. Write as much as possible. It is impossible to become a writer by osmosis, so you will have to practice. Just like learning to play a musical instrument or training for an athletic event, writing requires practice. You will never be a great essay writer if you never practice writing essays. One good way to practice is to copy the good essays that you read. By hand writing the essays, you will have a better understanding of the sentence variety and flow.
  3. Find a good self-editing checklist and use it. Good writers have tools at their disposal. A good editing checklist will help you find your mistakes and correct them, but only if you move step-by-step through the essay. Find one that includes correcting instructions for spelling, mechanics, grammar, content, style, and organization. You might have to read through the essay several times; but eventually, you will start to remember these things as you write more and more essays.
  4. Learn vocabulary. People who use words for a living need to know as many words as they can and how to use them. Many writers will keep a vocabulary journal so they can remember words they have come across in their reading. A vocabulary journal can be a simple notebook or something fancier on a computer. The idea is that you begin to use outstanding words appropriately.
  5. Learn about introductions and conclusions. The best essays have strong introductions and useful conclusions. There are several different types of introductions and conclusions and the best writers know how to mix and match them to the style of the essay. Great essays begin with great introductions, so you should learn everything that you can about them.