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A Memorable Meal to Remember

Three years ago I had the most memorable meal of my life time. It was Christmas and I had invited my friends’ home for my birth day celebration. I was born on December 18. Since my birth date fell a week to Christmas, my mum postponed my birthday celebration to Christmas day. This was Christmas with a difference. My elder brother had just painted the house and it looked amazing. The Christmas tree was all decorated. I was dressed in a black suite and white shirt. My best friends Frank and Arnold wore black suites too. The air was with filled with wonderful Christmas carols that emanated from the music system that was strategically placed on top of a cupboard at the corner of the room.

I, my dad and my friends sat quietly around the table and waited patiently for my mum and our house help to serve the food. All of us looked at the door leading to the kitchen with intent. The door opened and immediately the room was filled with aroma. My mum was the first to enter the room with a tray. I raised my head to survey the content of the tray and quickly noticed it was fried rice. She graciously placed the wide tray with fried rice on the table in front of us. My eyes were glued on the rice. The door opened again, I looked quickly and saw our house help enter the room. She was carrying a large ceramic dish with fried chicken. Fried Chicken is my favorite meal. I felt the smell of the chicken enter my nostrils and started to salivate. I went for the largest chicken drumstick on the tray but my mum was quick to stop me. My dad looked at me disappointingly. My friends laughed at me. I was embarrassed. My mum served each of our plates. We ate without talking for a while then my dad commended my mum for being a good cook. All of us nodded in approval. I ate until no room was left in my stomach for more.

The food was excellent and my mum’s sweet soft voice narrated the story of how Christmas evolved over two millennia into a worldwide religious and secular celebration. My friends were so happy. They thanked us for our hospitality. I was happy.