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20 Inspiring Ideas to use as Evaluation Topics for Essays

When most people think of an evaluation essay, they think of book and movie reports. Although these are common, that does not mean they have to be locked there. Remember, an evaluation essay, is to review, evaluate, or appraise, something. In that sense, it is a lot more diverse than a book or movie report. Expand the horizon by examining what else this type of essay, could be used for? Be creative about it.

  1. Art Reviews
  2. Product Reviews
  3. Critique Mass Media Reports
  4. Legal Evaluation

Art Reviews

An art review can be done several ways. Such as going to a local Art Gallery and picking a specific piece of art; painting, photograph, sculpture, whatever. Maybe look through a book of major art pieces, and find one that could be reviewed. However it is done, use the student’s own thoughts about the piece. Be yourself, and speak what you think of it, and explain why.

  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Photograph
  • Digital Art
  • Graphic Design

Good for Art Majors, and Journalism Majors.

Product Reviews

Just like art, but use some product the student knows about, and work on this. In this category, it could be; food, electronics, vehicles, whatever. Use the student’s own experience with the product, and show why it is either good or bad.

  • Cell Phones
  • Frozen Food
  • Television/Radio
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry

Good for Journalism Majors, and Engineering Majors.

Critique Mass Media Reports

Everyone has their view of the quality of the mass media. When a report is found that makes the student take notice, good or bad, critique why this had that effect.

  • Political Report
  • Social Report
  • General News Reporting
  • Journal Report
  • Electronic Media Report

This can be good for Journalism Majors, and English Majors.

Legal Evaluation

Look through; legal reports, Government bills/laws, Medical rules, whatever is of interest to the student. Review and evaluate the item, and show why it is a good legal outline, or a bad one. Make solid statements, just as in any essay, and back them up.

  • Civil Law
  • City Ordinance
  • Medical Practice Law
  • Malpractice Laws
  • Court Ruling

This could be good for a Law Major, Medical Major, Journalism Major, or Sociology Major.

These are a few ideas, and the student can use them, or use them to help think of other ideas. Be creative, and try something different.