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20 Good Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School

Argumentative essays form part of the life of every middle class pupil. They test the ability of pupil to pick a stand and defend it through carefully selected points. The topics are usually related to issues that are common to middle school pupils and their lives. Here is a list of argumentative essay topics to consider for middle school.

  1. Should sports be mandatory for all pupils?
  2. Should pupils be allowed to choose fast foods for lunch in school?
  3. Is it time to abolish school uniforms?
  4. Teenagers and pre-teenagers should be allowed to go the mall without adult supervision.
  5. Teachers are issuing too much homework.
  6. Stiff punishment should be administered to all bullies.
  7. At what age should you be allowed to stay home alone?
  8. There should not be bed time for middle school.
  9. What are the benefits of summer school?
  10. There should be diversity in the food offered on the school menu
  11. Some games should be banned for middle school pupils.
  12. There is nothing like too much television for middle school pupils
  13. There should be specific chores for middle school pupils when they get home.
  14. Parents should provide a larger allowance
  15. Should sports replace the gym class?
  16. Most of the violent students love the aggressive games on television
  17. The school calendar should provide room for more breaks to make learning more interesting
  18. Why the school needs a new newspaper.
  19. Children should have a choice on the meals they take instead of being dictated upon by parents.
  20. It should not be mandatory to wear seat belts in the bus

While the above are fresh argumentative essay titles for middle school, they may be modified to suit the ability of the pupils. The secret to an excellent argumentative paper is to make it captivating and loaded with fresh ideas. When making a choice on the topic for your argumentative paper, avoid topics that have been studied for years. Here are hints on areas to get the best ideas for your paper.

  • News item- media outlets cover issues that are of interest to the public. This is a guarantee that a topic from a media item will be fresh and relevant.
  • Previous research- follow-up on a topic you did not cover satisfactorily in the past.
  • Passion- write your argumentative essay in an area that you are passionate about.

It is the topic you choose that will shape your paper.